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What if solutions came from our peers?

The Co-solutions of Spirit of Change are rooted in a strong belief : the time of the ex-cathedra learning is over. We know that sharing our knowledge makes everyone richer. The one who receives of course, but also the one who gives.

Therefore, our trainers are mainly animators, even if their toolbox remains permanently accessible. Animators who will maximize interaction to identify possible solutions and force resolutions.

True tribes are constituted, breaking the loneliness of participants. It changes their relationship in their daily life.

Contact person: Frederik Leloup

Learning and growing is a fundamental need we all share.

Spirit of Change trainings are always a response to a need. If the request come from a company management, we will make sure it matches with the needs of the people involved in the training. This triangular agreement, “Sponsor – Trainer – Participants”, is the foundation of our commitment. We want the participants to join in and share their ideas in our workshops.

Few PowerPoint, but a lot of interactions and exchanges. Few theories and engage people in actually doing things, significant examples, drill, tips and tricks, role plays, practice. Few speeches promote active listening.

We act for inter-company and in-company trainings.

Rrecurring topics: people management – performance and well-being at work, at home, at school – adaptive intelligence & flow – internal communication – interpersonal communication and assertiveness – conflict management and aggressively – new business and organizational models at work – improving the sales force.


Contact person : Frederik Leloup or Brigitte Durruty

The coach is a benevolent companion who listens to the person facing a constraint or an opportunity. Through questioning, he challenges the beliefs of the coachee and induces him (her) to change his (her) habits and attitudes.

It can be a single or several sessions of 2 hours, in the language of the person. Coaching takes place in a private place guaranteeing comfort and confidentiality. We deal with professional or private questions.

Coaching can be in frenc, dutch, english, spanish, german, italian

Contact person or information : Brigitte Durruty ou Frederik Leloup

A mentor is an experienced person who will help you to learn and develop faster< Mentoring is an opportunity to hear his solutions and see how you can apply them to your situation.

The focus is on a long-term relationship, on issues, such as for example,  “How can I help you progress in your business?” The mentor is by definition an experienced person in the mentee field.

One- or two-hours sessions. Visually, by Skype or by phone.

Contact person : Frederik Leloup

PBT is a tool developed by Bright Link, spin-off of the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) and partner of Spirit of Change.

The tool is at the cutting edge of burnout risk analysis methodology, thanks to its scientific, rigorous and trustworthy approach. This powerful model gives you the state in which your employees and therefore your organisation are. It takes an entirely preventative approach to burnout: identification and management of risks.

Our model allows you to co-build a policy of freeing everyone’s contribution to the purpose of your business.


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