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Measure the availability of your collaborators to contribute (or not) to your performance as well as their well-being

The PBT questionnaire is a tool developed by Bright Link, a spin-off of the Catholic University of Louvain (UCLouvain) and the partner of Spirit of Change. It pre-emptively and anonymously identifies burnout risk within your organisation.

Target group

All employees of a company (min 50 employees) or a specific team.


The PBT is an extremely practical burnout prevention tool. In practice, the first stage of the PBT process is setting up the questionnaire within the organisation’s structure. We place a particular emphasis on the partnerships developed with the Human Resources and Risk Prevention Committees at every one of our clients


Firstly, it makes it possible to carry out preventative analyses, and secondly, it produces high value-added information both for employees (individual approach) and employers (institutional approach) within the organisation. Only by using a joined-up approach of this type is it possible to create an effective burnout prevention policy.

This combination of two approaches is unique to the PBT. First and foremost, they make it possible to reduce the incidence of burnout, as at-risk individuals are identified at an early stage using a questionnaire rigorously designed for this purpose. They also enable the development of risk prevention policies tailored to the specific risk detected in each organisation.


The employees and the management team, supported by the HR department

Bright Link consultants.

Spirit of Change consultants.


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