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In a few weeks, we will be closer to 2040 than to the year 2000.

In which direction did we decide to look?

Are we equipped with the right glasses to set the course or do we continue to manage our lives and businesses with our eyes fixed on the rearview mirror?

This mirror that reflects a human image that is not well adapted to the transformations and other mutations underway and to come:

  • Ignorant of his level of performance
  • Underutilised compared to its potential
  • Blinded by his inability to stand back
  • Isolated from Nature
  • Infantilised by a disempowering management

Since Homo Sapiens has shown itself capable of acting on a global scale by modifying the climate, the planet that will welcome us in 2040 will, therefore, be the result of a co-creation between Nature and Man.

Homo Sapiens finally became a co-creator of the planet without his knowledge, is he ready in the state to adopt the position of responsibility that results from it?

More than ever, Homo Sapiens holds its future in its hands. Which one are we going to choose to use?

That of an individual in loss of identity who has chosen to undergo the advent of “techno + data + AI” by assimilating, for lack of hindsight, his history to the sole technological development of the last three decades.

Or that of an individual who is aware of his adaptability and proud of his exceptional land journey of 10,000 generations?

Beware of the present you create, it must reflect the future you want.”

At Planet Sapiens, we believe that the emergence of human pride is essential to Homo Sapiens in 2020 to enable it to RECOGNISE itself in the position of a co-creator of the planet 2040.  

To achieve this, it is not alone and benefits from many allies, first and foremost, the company where it is more than ever called upon to assume its position as an essential asset.

This new impetus for Homo Sapiens requires a fresh look at itself to bring out human pride as a new energy-producing audacity, creativity and enthusiasm.

Planet Sapiens’ mission is to develop this new vision as a universal adaptation tool: It is about making humans aware of their extraordinary capacities and connecting them to the Planet.

By sharpening the human eye, we aim to converge Homo Sapiens’ (under-exploited) speed of adaptation with Nature’s (under-exploited) experience to build a true Earth identity.

The company will be the cornerstone of this construction.

Planet Sapiens is a publishing house that designs and publishes highly illustrated, educational and innovative content, with careful design and short texts.

Do you know of a more critical and vital subject than the one that deals with yourself, the planet, your company, of your children and grandchildren?