“No transformation exists as long as it is not anchored. This anchorage rests totally on teams. They are the ones who implement new practices, or not. Mobilization and engagement are the keys to set up successfully a strategy. “

My motto: to help running organizations and understand their “biology”. What is the mission? What are the resources of the organization? What are his exchanges with his environment?

These elements must be understood to draw virtuous and perennial organizations around committed teams. That’s why I accompany transformation and strategic changes around 3 axes:

  1. Draw organizations that give meaning to action,
  2. Strengthen autonomy and collaboration,
  3. Encourage individual and collective responsibility.

After a Master’s degree in Finance from ICHEC, I built 30-year expertise acquired internationally from Avis, Gillette, Accor and Sodexo. I had the chance to operate in financial management, operations management or CEO roles, giving me a 360 ° view of how organizations work.

My practice of transformation is also based on my experience as a musician: find harmony, rely on the expertise of soloists and strength of the orchestra, keep pace, play his own score but together …

I speak  Fench (mother tongue), Dutch and English (fluent)


M : +32 497 05 52 14

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