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Based in France, I am a graduate of the Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics (Civil Engineering) in Paris.

After ten years with the construction majors, I became involved in entrepreneurship. For nearly 20 years, I created and managed companies in the fields of environment, technology and publishing and communication.

For the past three years, Christian has been “building bridges” to enable companies and individuals to overcome their limiting beliefs.

We are developing a posture based on human pride to unlock the blockages linked to illusions that have insidiously imposed themselves as unavoidable realities in our comfort zones.

To do this, we rely on an inspiring model, the story of the beautiful entrepreneurial project of all time: the start-up Homo Sapiens

Our collective history – Episode 10 001 – looks back at 10 000 generations to understand the meaning of our own.

It is the basis for positive awareness.

The pride in the accomplished journey that emerges from the Episode 10 001 story acts as an antidote to disengagement and a catalyst for new intelligence.

I speak English and French, but also Brasilian and Polish.

+33 6 43 64 32 94

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