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Managers have three potential courses of action:

  • Take a ‘softly-softly’ approach…Or just lay low. Without the courage to act, leadership becomes ineffective. One can find oneself between the proverbial rock and a hard-place.
    Performance becomes flat, or worse, decreases.
  • Take an overbearing approach… Rely on an aggressive style, making frequent reproaches that can lead to humiliation or even harassment. The energy in the team becomes negative and creates enmities, antagonisms, and demotivation. Nothing good can arise under a reign of terror..
  • Or, exercise trust…The first condition is to thoughtfully delegate creating an efficient and enthusiastic environment. Confidence cannot be acquired by decree, it must be earned. It starts from the day of recruitment and is built upon with every interaction, it must become a daily habit.

Spirit of Change strongly encourages the third option. We help managers and teams build the essential conditions of shared success.

Our interventions aim to:

  • Ensure the roles and responsibilities of each team member are clear. We embed a drive for initiative into the fabric of each person’s role.
  • Develop a team spirit with an emphasis on cooperation and solidarity. When the concerns of the team override those of the individual, the risk of stagnating in conflict falls away.
  • Increase autonomy and interdependence. These key attributes boost the fulfilment and happiness of the team. When we serve a shared vision so much can be achieved.
  • Improve communication and transparency. In doing so we can convey mutual respect which in turn increases both collective and individual enthusiasm.


  • 100% of our interviews, training sessions and workshops – yes, 100%! – result in a renewed motivation. This occurs even (and especially) when constructive criticism is conveyed.When managers choose the third option, trust, they make a vital step towards a better, more serene and productive style of management. This simple, highly-effective idea is yours for the taking, and the positive consequences are well within your reach.
    Just one thing is required: your decision to act.

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