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The stories we tell each other feed on us. We need it to live together, to dream and to undertake. Christian Kelma is developing another relationship to this art of transmission. He reinvents our relationship with the publishing of speech and writing. This approach is Planet Sapiens and its first journey: Episode 10 001.

Why Episode 10 001?

Broadcast and appropriate Episode 10 001 today, is to infuse new energy, driven by pride in a heritage,
to stimulate positive awareness and revalue the company’s main assets.

The pride in the accomplished journey that emerges from Episode 10,001 acts as an antidote to disengagement and a catalyst for new intelligence to develop the company’s adaptive capacities necessary for ongoing and future transformations.


D+1 to D+30: 1 e-mail form per day

D+31: compilation of 30 pdf files


€9.50incl.VAT per recipient